Simple and efficient authoring.

Running Bear Media offers DVD authoring, packaging and disc design, and manufacturing services to independent filmmakers at an affordable rate. Even with the advent of digital distribution, DVDs are still an important part of the independent film revenue stream. We want to help make your DVD as artistic as the feature film that it contains. Running Bear Media will work with you to perfect the design and functionality of the disc menus including the addition of any special features such as director commentary, behind the scenes, trailers, etc. The video will be optimized to ensure the best experience for the viewer to enjoy your film.

Please contact us at info@runningbearmedia.com.


Full service film and music distribution.

It is a revolutionary time in the film and music industry. Content is king, and with new avenues of distribution, we want to bring artistic film and music creations to as many viewers as possible. Running Bear Media is a nimble company that fits congruently between the realm of modern content creation and distribution with the goal of maximizing exposure and returns for the artist. With offices in Montana and California, Running Bear Media is able to provide national distribution with an emphasis on the local pallet. The goal is to remove unnecessary intermediaries like a domestic sales agent and our company can act as its own post and delivery house, saving thousands of dollars that may then be put to use in marketing and promotion. We believe that relationship with an artist is paramount and strive to bring their vision to an audience that will appreciate it.

Please contact us at info@runningbearmedia.com.

Marketing and Design

We can help sell it.

Beautiful aesthetics are imperative to a successful marketing campaign, and a film’s poster and trailer are the most important factors in selling a film both domestically and internationally. Making sure these elements effectively draw in a project’s target audience is crucial to a successful distribution run. With a wide network of experienced designers, we are able to build dynamic digital and physical campaigns around each project we take on. By incorporating original designs, exceptional project stills, exciting trailers and intelligent messaging, we can help bring strong awareness to independent projects. We are able to work with varying budgets, and will work with the project creators to deliver a satisfying end result.

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Production and Consultation

We can help make it.

Want to create something but not sure where to start? With hard won experience in both film and music production, we can walk you through it, do it for you or give objective feedback. We have access to exceptional crew from all facets of production and are able to perform administrative duties such as establishing companies and bank accounts, managing books, working with unions, breaking down and budgeting scripts, finding great equipment deals, mix and master, and just about anything else you need to bring your project to life. If we can’t do it, we know someone who can.

Please contact us at info@runningbearmedia.com.