My Favorite Movie



An hilarious family comedy.

The American Dream, who wants it? Everyone! Dave HAS the American Dream and hates it. As a young man, a pushover, and a bookworm, Dave grew up with good grades, received a college degree, and now works in a cubicle. Dave's best friends are a supremely content gas station worker, a video game addicted secretary, and an eccentric stock broker who hates the evil fast food chain, McDucks.

During Dave's friends' quest to help him find true happiness, trouble arises when Dave falls for an employee of McDucks. Now he must keep his friends from knowing he's found happiness within the walls of their most hated entity while they are desperately fighting to pull him out of his depressed darkness!

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“Comical and witty.”

“Genuinely funny.”

Richard Propes – The Independent Critic

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